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If you want to agent MICISTY Mixi, here are four tips:

1. Each agent must pay $80 deposit. The margin is to protect the agency interests, the base price is not easy to leak, maintain the market, prevent the cost of arbitrary price, peer-price, and other behavior.

2. Each agent needs to accept the deposit before recruiting the agent. If he doesn't want to continue to cooperate after selling 10 items, the deposit will be returned in the form of product.

3, after paying the margin, you will be sent an agent price list, this price list is uniform throughout the country, no layer by layer price increase. According to their own ability to choose an agent or hoarding goods.

4, each intention agent is carefully considered before joining, once join, do not report the mentality that can sell or not sell. Make a sales plan for oneself every month, realize layer by layer breakthrough.

MICISTY joining conditions

1, with entrepreneurial passion, good business reputation, have the confidence of common development.

2, have brand consciousness, have long-term development vision.

3, have certain investment ability, and have the ability to assume responsibility independently.

4, willing to accept and abide by the "Micisty" headquarters management, approval of the headquarters management system.

MICISTY product support

New products, affordable prices, to ensure that all partners continue to operate, profit innovation, to ensure that investors in the beautiful market invincible position.  

MICISTY long term professional guidance

To provide from agent to join to the terminal, a full set of professional operation management system, personnel system training and other omnidirectional support. Occasional comprehensive technical training, technical improvement and upgrading, business problem diagnosis and analysis.

MICISTY Business Award

Enjoy the performance reward stipulated in the contract.

MICISTY Free Exchange

In the case of product quality problems, can be unconditionally refundable.

MICISTY campaign sales support

The company will use holidays and other regular promotional activities, unscheduled publicity activities, by the headquarters unified arrangements, large-scale promotion, to enhance brand awareness.

MICISTY Mixierdi exits safely

In poor management, no intention to continue to operate, can apply for withdrawal, according to the form of return of the company.

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